A thermometer that adjusts reading based on age

Now enjoy the convenience of an age-adjustable thermometer that interprets the severity of temperature based on the age of the patient. Clinical research shows the definition of fever changes with age1. What is normal body temperature in a 4 year old may be regarded as a fever in a newborn. The new Braun Age Precision thermometer takes the guess work out of temperature taking.

How it Works

The Braun Age Precision Digital thermometer lets you select the age of the patient before every use. Then, once the temperature is taken, its Fever Insight feature automatically interprets the severity of fever by using medically approved guidelines for each age, and displays them on the large colour coded screen. Green backlight indicates normal temperature, yellow backlight indicates elevated temperature and red backlight indicates high temperature.

It's as easy to use as 1-2-3

  1. Press Age Button to select age
  2. Take temperature
  3. Assess the severity of temperature with the colour coded display

Braun Age Precision digital thermometer also gives you the added convenience of 3 in 1 use – in the mouth, under the arm, or in the rectum – based on your personal preference.

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